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Storyspin is a Switch Up AU first published on April 3rd, 2016. The character swaps are built on the premise of taking the roles of Storyshift and reversing them (Example: Undyne replaces Mettaton in Storyshift, so Mettaton replaces Undyne in Storyspin).

The AU originally made it to Snowdin, but the author decided to cancel and reboot it, but skipping straight to Snowdin once again. After this, they gave up and gave the AU to Keno9988. Some sprites for the AU have been shown off but development has slowed down to a halt due to lack of interest.

It is currently unknown if Storyspin will ever continue development.

General Changes

  • Undyne cooks you spaghetti instead of pie.
  • This name has no meaning.

Character Changes

  • Frisk remains our protagonist.
  • Flowey is replaced by a determination-powered copy of the Annoying Dog, named Toby.
  • Undyne is a citizen of the RUINS you meet after being attacked by Toby.
  • Asriel is a sleepy goat you meet in the Ruins.
  • Asgore is part of the guard stationed in Snowdin.
  • Toriel is Asgore's wife, and a bit too good at taking care of children.
  • Mettaton is Captain of the Royal Guard.
  • Napstablook is the Royal Scientist.
  • Chara is a widely known celebrity in the Underground.
  • Alphys is Queen of the Underground.
  • Papyrus is the inhabitant of Toby the Dog.
  • Sans is your boneified narrator.