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A long time ago, two species existed: MONSTERS and HUMANS. Even with all the power the monsters had, the humans had more intelligence. The humans sealed the monsters Underground with all of their best magicians, as these monsters were a threat to them.


Rumors say that whoever falls down Mount Ebott never returns.


Storychange is an AU made by OsterDog where all monsters own human souls and all humans own monster souls. Though, the monsters with human souls are still considered as "monsters" and still look normal. Humans, however, with their monster souls, are still considered "humans" and still look normal. For example, all monsters are as powerful as a being with a human soul.

7 monster souls are required to break the barrier.

Instead of being in a bullet board, it is a more RPG-style game. All players can attack or mercy like always, but the attacks from the enemy are not dodge-able, with a 10% chance to miss.

The monster souls do have traits, such as Determination.