StorySwap Monster Kid takes the role of Papyrus. He wants to catch a human so he can join the Royal Guard. He loves making Yogurt. ESPICALLY with edible MAGIC chlorophyll. He HATES Frisk's puns and always takes responsability for Frisk's pet rock even thought he has no hands. He is EXTREMLY allergic to peanuts and can melt quickly after eating one.The only way to stop his melting is to give him his medicine which he leaves in the highest shelf. Frisk always has to ask an adult to get it.Even though he is good at changing the bullet boards size like Frisk, he can stumble on attacks and go crazy. It's rare that his fall attack hits someone. He is best friends with Frisk and he is very easy to fool as you can give him yogurt and you can flee but that will abort a pacifist route.

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