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StolenTale is an AU on Wattpad and on Youtube by Tiyuji. They are still writing it, or more of re-writting it, and animating it.



According to pictures, Sans (or more commenly known as Stanz in Roleplay) has two streaks on each of his eyes and two cracks on his right eye.


ST! Papyrus is currently 12 years old in this AU.


ST! Frisk has a flower in her hair and can use a red lance, which is assumed to be DETERMINATION.

(Please note that Tiyuji has made Frisk a female in the AU)


ST! Undyne in the AU has a red left eye and a black right eye.

Extra (Miscellaneous)

ST! Papyrus shares the same birthday as the creator, though it is unknown.


StolenTale Trailer

StolenTale Trailer

StolenTale Trailer

Uploaded on June 21, 2017

Tiyuji has stated that the trailer is currently inaccurate. But by how much though, it's not known.

Stolentale Prologue (Part 1)

Uploaded on September 4, 2017

StolenTale Prologue - Part 1

StolenTale Prologue - Part 1