Steve is the protagonist of UnderMine, and replaces Frisk. He is male, and is one of the default skins of Minecraft. He is the eighth fallen player in UnderMine.



Steve is a player child who wears a cyan blue T-shirt, dark blue shorts and grey shoes. He has purple eyes, brown hair and a slightly brown skin colour, and he's almost always smiling.



Steve is an optimisic, happy 12-year-old boy. He loves to smile and is always kind to everyone he meets. He strives to spare everyone he encounters, but sometimes does not succeed in this.


Steve started off by blindly killing all encounters in self-defense, but this eventually drove him insane. He is wild and uncontrollable, and seeks out as many encounters as he can so he can destroy them. He fails this on a Near-Genocide, but on a genocide he succeeds in killing everything. At the end of a genocide, Alex becomes corrupted and more prominent and starts controlling some of his actions.

Soulless Pacifist

Steve's soul is gone and therefore he becomes a sadistic character, toying with Entity_303 by doing a pacifist route, then killing everyone on the surface. Alex assists him in this, as she has been permanently corrupted by the Genocide Route.


Steve's DETERMINATION allows him to SAVE and heal at SAVE points, and to LOAD those SAVEs. It also allows him to RESET and CONTINUE, although NPC's memories will only be erased after a TRUE RESET, which becomes available after a pacifist route, or an ERASE, which becomes available after a genocide route.

Main Story

Pacifist/Neutral Routes

Steve falls into the underground from the surface. He wakes up on a bed of golden flowers, recognising that he has a number of cuts, one with a mysterious bandage on. He stands up and walks out of the entrance to the underground, and into Flowey's patch. Flowey pretents to offer honest advice, but when Steve runs into her friendliness pellets, she laughs at him, claiming that in this world, it's 'kill or be killed'. She then surrounds Steve with pellets, but gets fireballed by Elin before he can kill Steve.

(To be continued)

Genocide Route

(Comic not written yet)



Flowey attempts to kill Steve multiple times, however in a Pacifist route, he remains kind to her and is determined to save her. On Genocide, he terrifies her and then ruthlessly murders her, angry at her destroying Notch's SOUL, slashing her over and over again. He is beyond caring at this point.


Steve thinks of Elin as a mother figure more than anything else. She is always kind to him and loves baking him food and telling him facts about mobs. On Genocide, Steve regrets killing her and found it hard to, but eventually stops caring.


Steve enjoys Entity's puns, even the bad ones, but he suspects that there may be something bigger to Entity's life than laziness and bad puns. He recognises that Entity is someone he can talk to. On a Genocide, he blatantly ignores Entity's attempts to stop him and continues anyway.


Steve likes Null's optimism and the way he always believes in everyone, however in the Genocide Route, he finds this very annoying. He is baffled as to how Entity and Null are brothers as they are so different.


At first, Steve was wary around Jenny, but as they became friends Steve grew to like Jenny's determination and toughness. On a Genocide, he soon becomes infuriated with her refusal to die.


Steve attempts to bring Jeb out of his shell and confess to Jenny through roleplaying and encouragement. He is not encountered in Genocide.


Steve thinks of Herobrine as narcissistic and annoying in both routes, but enjoys dancing with him. In the Genocide, Steve mocks him for his easy defeat.


Steve refuses to fight him or take his soul in the Pacifist run, but in the Genocide he calls Notch an idiot for not absorbing the player souls.


Alex is Steve's guide and supporter throughout both routes, but becomes more corrupted at the end of the Genocide, erases everything and kills him.

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