It's the end of the pacifist ending (the souls didn't perish) and Frisk beckoned him. He walked back to the mountain to see Frisk but they had a knife. Frisk stabbed him saying "I'm Sorry, but this is the only way." That was the day Mettaton come from the Underground and saw Sans and Mettaton tried to tell Alphys but it was too late, the lab was covered in blood and dust. "Determination," the screen said. Mettaton built a small container and put Sans' soul in it. Then he built a suit without a hands and added the dust in it then a hand appeared and on the other side was a gaster-blaster. The soul flew out of the container and went into the body.

Steel! Sans

It is the Sans Fight but stronger. He doesn't dodge, he stands still. He has 10,000 HP


True Fight Stage 2

1 ATK 99 DEF 10,000 HP

I'm Back

Truefight! Sans



50 ATK 99 DEF 100,000 HP

I'm sorry

Hope! Sans

HOPE Sans-0

HOPE! Sans

In order to stop the human Sans added a new soul named hope (dark green). The soul takes over the timelines of the multiverse to bring other versions of him there. The souls help him and he uses the souls in his blasters for soul-blasters.

He has 1,000,000


99 ATK 99 DEF 1,000,000 HP

Don't try

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