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About the AU

Starry Skies takes personalities of Underfell and Undertale, and mixes it with the colors of Underfell and Outertale. Also swapping Frisk and Chara.


Humans and Monsters lived in semi-peace together. Both sides had a resentment for each other but put it aside for the sake of the earth and themselves. Until one day, the humans, sick of having to be in a place of false security, decided to attack monsters with no mercy and at their weakest and defeated them in only 3 short days.

The monsters were forced onto spaceships created by the humans and sent 7 wizards with them to Mars, intended them to die when they finally sealed the asteroid belt. The trip lasted a year and when the time came, it was the saddest moment for the wizards and monsters lives.

The wizards treated monsters with nothing but equality. In the end, the bodies of the wizards were buried, their souls were turned into stone and soon kept in a secret area of Asgore's home. After the death of his children, and their adoptive child, Asgore lost his hope and decided any human who traveled to Mars was to die. Soon after the death of 6 humans, the 7th found their way to Mars, will they save, leave or kill. Let's see.

Fun Facts/ Trivia

Frisk and Chara swap, making Frisk the fallen one and Chara the protagonist. Frisk is male while Chara is female. Frisk and Chara are both 15, the other 6 souls are kids from the ages of 12 to 15.