About the AU

Starry Skies takes personalities from Underfell and Undertale, mix them with colors of Underfell and Outertale and certain swaps and clothing from Underswap and clothes from Underfell. (A lot more black than red and slight Outertale colors)


Years Ago, Earth was ruled by humans and monsters, over time a virus came corrupting monster turning them into savage, human hating creatures. W.D Gaster and his brother Calibri Gaster worked with humans to create a cure. The cure worked but left it's look on monsters making them seem as "demons", humans would say. Monsters and humans decided to send monsters to Mars but then a disagreement with monsters ended in war. In the end, the humans decided to send monster to Mars as their punishment. The human followed in a ship and used magic to move Earth slight closer to Venus and made a huge astroid belt as barrier.

Frisk was the first child to cross the astroid belt. They met the Dreemur family and saw what the humans did to monsters and after being rejected over and over by adults and children alike on Earth, they decided to let Asriel asborb their soul in a plan he made, he died by throwing themselves into space without a suit, Asriel jumped out for him and accidently asborbed his soul, Frisk took control of the shared body and flew to Earth, Frisk knew they made a mistake but it was too late, Asriel flew in time to die in front of his parents. Toriel and Asgore ended up divoricing when Asgore started making saceships again. Toriel went the Lunar Ruins to be in peace. After on, multiple children ended launched to the Red Ground and never came back. Chara, a human with determination ended up on a spaceship worked on by her abusive fathe and launched through the Stars, They landed on Mars to get help but ended up finding monsters.

The Rest Is History


Luna Town

These are Ruins of the orginal town established from when monster first landed on Mars, certain monsters including Toriel nicknamed the town "Luna Town" for the bright glow and view they had from the moon that made it look stunning at moments at night.





The main protagonist, she does talk but not much their expression shows how she feel and their current state. She wears black star overalls, with a crimson shirt under it and black shoes, the shirt has a gold stripe on it.


He has a black stem, his leaves are red and his petals are golden. He seems nicer than orginal flowey and doesn't try to kill you but pranks you.


She wears a dress that gold and black with a hint of red on the dress, it's slightly rippped at the bottom and her eyes are red, one of her horns are cracked and her fur is dirty but she's caring but stern, and sometimes immature with her puns


He's lazy and still a punny skeleton, he sometimes loses his temper with his brother and can go off at him. He wears a bandana thats red and gold on his neck, a hoodie that has a red fur inside with a black and dark blue spacey look with stars on his shorts and bottom of the hoodie, he wears slippers that are black and gold


He acts hothead and doesn't like Sans' puns still but smiles even through he hate it. He seems to be a bit pessimistic sometimes saying "Well sometimes i know that i won't succeed always". His battle body is red and blue with the red being the secondary color, he has black and golds boots. His scarf is tattered with a starry pattern of red and dark blue






Minor Charcters


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