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SpiritTale is an AU (Alternative Universe) on a role-playing game, Undertale. Undertale is made by Toby Fox on a inspiration to Earthbound. This game is about two types of kinds and the relationship between them, a human called "Frisk" fell into a mountain called Mt. Ebott. Monsters needed Human’s magical souls so they have been shattering humans for a years.


When Frisk accidentally tripped off the cliff, she landed to a rock that is diagonal. She rolled down to a mysterious cave. She met humans that were special and given abilities different from normal. There were 7 types of souls. It was Kindness, Bravery, Justice, Integrity, Patience, Perseverance, Determination, but instead they were special and had the soul of Wrath, Happiness, Trust, Betraying, Hate, Dreams and Nightmares. They were the Special 7. Their names were Ikari, Katelyn, Kyuso, Beth, Koru, Sle and Solk. There are two options to take, because if you take one of the set, you can go into different pathways. The original souls are going to the original set of game, and the special souls are about to create an alternative universe for their special types. They all used their powers in once and once they were done, they got injured, not just a injury, a major injury. They had to find a kid that was young like 1-2 years old because they will never know that they have special powers. Like that the special traits disappeared. Frisk then decides to shatter herself and revive as a new kid.



Special Abilities (Trait / Soul): Nightmares

Cloths: Black Hoodie, Black Mask, Black Eyepatch, Black Shoes, Black Pants and Red(50%) & Black(50%) Gloves.

Accessories: Gloves

Weapon: Scythe

Status: Alive


Special Abilities (Trait / Soul): Hate

Clothes: Navy Hoodie That Covers The Face, Fingerless black & White Gloves, Black Pants, Silver Locket

Accessories: Locket

Weapons: Knife

Status: Alive

Koru Special Abilities (Trait / Soul): Hate

Cloths: Navy Hoodie That Covers The Face, Fingerless black & White Gloves, Black Pants, Silver Locket

Accessories: Locket

Weapon: Knife

Status: Alive

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