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    This AU called Spider tale is about a human child who falls into a huge wormhole into the Lost lands and five of the main characters are blood-drinking spiders.



Lucy is met when you enter the ruins and she is scared of you so you have to find her, and she is very sad because her sister had died.


Maggie Lucy's dead sister is met near the end of the Lost Lands.


Flower is a little playful and joyful little thing who wants you stay in Snow den with her and her little bro Spark.


Spark is a little spider with blue skin like his mom and sisters but he likes to read and draw but also likes to play.


Dot is a spider who kills and eats your blood with popcorn and died before but came back to life with a reset with only two tiny dots of a soul ( this big ---> . . ) so she can feel sadness, and what it feels like to be happy. that is it. Human They are the ones who explore the lost lands and that fell into a worm hole. 


Bell is a Bell flower who forgot who she was and SHE DOES NOT LIKE MONSTERS, she also likes to play around with you but she helps you at the mercy rout and try's to thorn you with her so called ' tasty- chips ' because over there, it's fight or be eaten or at least that is what she says.


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