Kenny takes the role of sans when you first meet him he farts in your face instead of the whoopee cushion then later when at hos lemonade stand takes he of his hoodie.



Kenny is the most sexually knowledgeable and experienced he explains the traps Cartmen had set up he tells you about them since Cartmen acts like an asshole to him he decides to help you.


he wears an orange parka white a white T-shirt underneath he has orange gloves and brown/black jeans his hair is orangery yellow.



hes good with computer hacking and he helps you release Cartmens porn by hacking into his computer


he pretends to be Cartmen to help you get though waterfall


he can throw shurikens correctly, he normally uses physical contact.


hes good at video games so if you went on the video game genocide kenny is the hardest to beat


he can't die even if you do kill him he will come back he has 5 lives so he will be HELL


he appears the second time you kill Kenny he dodges more often and has more DF and AT you also will see him run when .... is cashing you like keeping watch so you don't die.

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