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Soultale is an Undertale AU by Raytaygirl where the personalities of some monsters made them become the SOUL with a similar personality. The human's and Mettaton's SOUL is a white soul as they originally had colored souls.

Monsters who have not found their personality just have white SOULs. I tried my best to list certain kinds of monsters. Some Monsters were nerfed and given different soul types.

The monsters' SOULs

Napstablook Patience
Toriel Kindness
Sans Patience (Justice if Genocide)
Papyrus Integrity (Bravery if killed)
Undyne Justice
Mettaton Determination (Formerly)
Alphys Patience
Muffet Perseverance
Lesser & Greater Dog Patience
Mad Dummy Determination
Shyren Integrity
Asgore Bravery
W.D. Gaster Bravery
So Sorry Patience
Flowey Determination
Knight Knight Justice
Madjick Integrity
Temmie Integrity
Soul Ghosts Perseverance
Grillby Perseverance
Asriel All SOULs


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