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Soulswap is an AU where the main characters (Toriel, Sans, and etc.) are replaced with my interpretations of the human SOULs from Undertale. As an example, Toriel is replaced by the SOUL of Kindness, Sans is replaced by the SOUL of Patience, and so on.



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AU Changes

  • Obviously, humans and monsters swap places. As a result, humans are stuck in the Underground, and the protagonist, Frisk, is a goat.
  • Also as a result of the aforementioned, the human SOULs are replaced by the actual main six characters of Undertale (Toriel, Asgore, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, and Alphys), in child form.
  • While the nature of human and monster SOULs do not change for the most part (human SOULs being stronger than monster SOULs), in this AU, humans have much more HP that they gain not by killing and increasing LOVE, but by merely training.



Frisk is unchanged in this AU despite the fact that they are a goat. Really, it's still up to interpretation how you view them because they don't talk.


Mag is the Flowey of this AU, yet when they attempt to kill Frisk in the opening part, it is not out of malice, hatred, or lust to become something stronger. As displayed in an ask sent to Soulswap's Tumblr page, Mag has once before spoken of a monster whose power was too strong for him to control, and thus he ended many human lives as a result. This is what Mag plans to avoid have happen. Going off of that, in the Genocide Route, Mag will face you as the final boss after a very tough penultimate fight.


Susan is the Toriel of this AU, remaining as the caretaker of the first zone or area, the Halls of Blight. She is like Toriel in the way that she refers to the human as "child", but different in how she says "dear child" instead of "my child". She wears a green robe, along with the inscribed Opus' Laws on her apron, that all humans must abide by, like a Code of Conduct in the Underground.


Right now, the number of tracks in Soulswap resides at three. More soon, perhaps?

Key: / * This track has not been made yet. / ** Name is subject to change.

Track #001 A Tale of a Reversed Timeline Pearlymint LINK 01:43
Track #003 Melody of Mag Pearlymint LINK 00:39
Track #012 Soulstirred ThomasThePencil LINK 02:32

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