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(Sorry, I don't have an image at the moment) Soulstice Sans is a younger version of the normal Sans who has HUGE birth defect.... instead of having a WHITE soul... he was born near the HUMAN souls, so they somewhat connected... and that caused him to have more SoulPower then he could handle. That made him have a very colorful and important Hearteye in his right socket. Because of his SoulPower... he was a huge target for one of the most cruel monsters alive... his name was S. T.... he was the "MAD" Soulentist. (I'll have info on him a little later) When he was captured... he was tormented, torn apart, and freaking MELTED with determination... well.. sort of. Then he got broken out of the lab by somebody named ASRIEL (I will have info on her later) She was able to partly kill S. T., but his soul was still alive... so Asriel told Soul to keep a locket on that kept S. T. from finding him again.... but they got into a fight one day and he took it off. When he did... S. T. had a wide area to enter his Soul and take control.... and when he did... GENOCIDE was his first priority. Soul was still able to SEE what he was doing, but couldn't effect it at all. Eventually, though... the human (you) was able to split them, setting Soul free. After that... he released all of the Souls that S. T. got from killing the monsters, and everything went back to normal.



Soulstice is a few inches shorter than the normal sans. (4F 9I) he has a light blue jacket with a greenish-blue hoddie. He has a crack around the socket that holds a rainbow Hearteye. He has grey shorts with a black stripe on the sides.

(pfft, this is my rushed crappy pixelart of the character LOL) ------------------------------->


Can create colorful "gaster blasters" that the blasts follow the target until it eventually stops and the colors separate and go out on their own. Can also create heart shaped bones that can fly like daggers. He knows a hellton about anything that has to do with a human/monster soul despite his age.  He can withstand a little determination for a little while.


DO NOT hurt ASRIEL in any way or he will beat the living crap outta you. DO NOT mention his brother, PAPYRUS. IF you mention anything about S. T. he will freak out, hide under the bed, and stay there for about a day. IF his hearteye is ever not there.... it means that there's a huge malfunction... it could be fatal. IF he does not have the LOCKET on... warn ASRIEL immediately.

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