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This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.

"P-please... just stop..." - Destroyer to Nightmare, begging for him to stop.

Soulless Destroyer is a non-canon version of Destroyer, where Nightmare had almost killed him for no longer destroying, as that was what he was made to do.


After Destroyer told Nightmare that he had quit his "job" as a destroyer, Nightmare was enraged, and faced Destroyer. For the majority of his battle, Destroyer had an advantage with his water powers, but then he ran out of water, which rendered him powerless. AFter this, Nightmare had almost killed Destroyer. Nightmare then left, assuming Destroyer had died. Awhile later, Destroyer woke up. He was weakened, but managed to survive, despite his decreased stats. He decided to ask Ink to create a small universe to isolate himself, which Ink agreed to. To this day, he's alone in the universe that he had asked Ink to create for him.

Changes in appearance

He has changed drastically. He has several scars and cuts all over his body, and he has black goop in random places, mostly over his left eye. He has tied his bandanna over his gooped eye. His clothes are torn.


He is jumpy and easily frightened. He has developed 2 new fears, neophobia and haphephobia. He has increased paranoia and is often twitching. He is afraid of any people entering his universe, as he was promised that only out-codes could enter. He has bad insomnia, as he is afraid Nightmare will come for him, and cannot sleep.


His universe has plenty of water, as Ink had made sure of this, so his powers will work. He has gotten more powerful, as he has dedicated his time to practicing.


He can make beautiful patterns with his water powers, and if the water makes physical contact with anyone, it is boiling hot. He can, however, touch the water, as he cannot feel heat.


  • He's still lactose intolerant, despite having no taste buds, tongue or an openable mouth.
  • He is not used to people in the universe he lives in, as Ink promised him only out-codes could enter.


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