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This AU was created by l_Herobrine_l. It serves as a home to some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse.


Long ago... There were two powerful beings. One of light and purity. One of darkness and corruption. They didn't belong in any of the AUs so they made a new AU. A few years passed. Brinemare, the destroyer, grew tired of seeing how peaceful the HUMANS and MONSTERS were. So Brinemare killed a MONSTER with HUMAN weapons. Then the war MONSTERS and HUMANS began. Omneon soon found out what Brinemare had done and confronted him about it. The two beings fought and eventually, Omneon defeated Brinemare. Brinemare was sent to the Void where his soul was shattered across time and space. But before Omneon could leave, there was a major explosion due to the soul matter between the two beings. The explosion sent Omneon to the Anti-Void. He now searches for his AU.

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