* runner up kid, this page has no such AU has been established, so... no art of the AU exists outside of the creator's page.

* if you think you could have that one, please ask the creator's permission to adopt this AU, while we held this page until we remove this template from here. if this AUs did not make it into the Undertale AU list...

* You wouldn't want to have a bad time, would you?

So Sorry appeared on Underswap AU. In Underswap, Samael is being swapped with "your fursona." Why do I say that Samael is swapped with a furry user? It because that he is partly based on the backers own pre-existing avatar that he wanted to distance himself from the in-game character to give Toby Fox more creative freedom. SO, we could have someone swapped with your's (If you have your own fursona.)

List of characters who is swapped with So Sorry/Samael

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