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"A Temmie? Uh... oh, geez... um... I'm So Sorry! I'm not prepared for this! Glyde! Why didn't you tell me?"
– So Sorry in Hotsnow

So Sorry (Real name's Sam) is a monster that looks like a dinosaur.

Main Story

In Hotsnow, Frisk meets So Sorry after hiding behind a lamp.


[Glyde] Hey, Sammy.

[So Sorry] Glyde! Don't call me that!

[Glyde] Heh. Sorry, Sam.

[So Sorry] Well, what if a Temmie comes!

[Glyde] Maybe 'ya should look behind the lamp.

[So Sorry] ... WHY?

  • the lamp breaks

[So Sorry] A Temmie? Uh... oh, I'm So Sorry! I'm not prepared for this! Glyde! Why didn't you tell me?

[Glyde] I don't hafta tell 'ya everything, Sammy. I AM pretty busy.

[So Sorry] With what? Bragging?

[Glyde] I DO NOT BRAG!

[So Sorry] Well, bye! And, get ready, Temmie!

The following Dialogue happens.



Glyde is So Sorry's lazy brother.

He always brags to So Sorry about how strong he is.

So Sorry always brings up how he only has 1 HP.

He than says he doesn't exercise a ton so he lost HP.


He became good friends with them.

Th - that's all.


He has loved art since he was a child.

He was always the weaker one of the two.

When they were born, at least.

He has an Art Club and, after the date, he gives you his number and a picture.

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