Snowy Mess is the place where you meet Faxs and FurryFox84 (FurryFox is Faxs BFF I replaced Sapyrus with him)


It's a very snowy forest, huge lumps of snow are scattered across the ground. Trees are covered in snow. people camp in igloos every once in awhile, and SO MUCH SNOW!!!


The town is somewhat not covered in snow. People often have wolves and snow owls as pets.

Faxs House Is the house COVERED in snow.

The Shop is a place where you buy 'The Tough Glove' and 'Sugar Cookie (Cinnamon Bun replacement)' among other things.

Dusty's Bar

Dusty's is a bar where Faxs (among others) hang out often. It's run by Dusty. It has a nice blue hue.


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