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Snowdin (including Snowdin Forest) is the second area accessible in Undertale. It is a cold, snowy area that is where you meet Sans and Papyrus, fight Papyrus, solve Papyrus' puzzles, date/hang out with Papyrus (if you don't kill him) and hear all of Sans' puns (Snowdin is centered around these two, if you couldn't guess).


Snowdin is lived in by the skeleton brothers (Sans and Papyrus), Grillby, the Snowdin Canine Unit (Doggo, Lesser Dog, Greater Dog, Dogamy and Dogaressa), Faun, Snowman, Innkeepers, Rabbit Kid, Rabbit Girl and Cinnamon, Gift bear, Politics Bear, Scarf Mouse, Nacarat Jester, the Slime family, Ice Wolf, Big Mouth, Ugly Fish, Drunk Bun, Red Bird, Drunk Hamster, Library Lizard, Library Loox and the newspaper Editors.


Item Purchase price Sell price Source Item Type
Tough Glove 50 50 Item box, Snowdin shop Weapon
Snowman piece Free 40 Snowman Consumable
Nice cream 15 2 Nicecream guy Consumable
Bisicle between 15 and 70 5 Snowdin shop Consumable
Cinnamon Bunny 25 8 Snowdin shop Consumable
Manly Bandanna 50 50 Snowdin shop Armour

The Bisicle item changes price with the player's progression through the game despite only being purchasable in Snowdin.

  • Bisicles start at 15 G,
  • increases to 30G after encountering Papyrus,
  • after the Undyne fight it reaches 45G and
  • it reaches 70G after completeing the CORE.

AUs involving Snowdin

AUs that are based on the monsters being underground usually contain Snowdin.

Underfell, Underswap, Horrortale etc.

AUs that don't contain Snowdin usually do not take place in the underground.

For example: Inktale and Errortale , which take place between universes, rather than one set one.

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