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This AU has been aborted, but may be used in the future.

Slaughtertale is an Undertale AU. It is a continuation of the True Pacifist events of Roguetale.

About the AU

Many years after Frisk fell down and Peace was achieved within the underground, there were several mysterious events. The CORE began to malfunction, several whirlpools occured in the lava Seas of Hotland, and there were many ominous roars from all around. There were reports of a mysterious figure rising from Hotland. At precisely 3 AM Snowdin time, there were shouts and screaming of terror, as well as demonic laughter and the roar of a chainsaw. When the skelebros (Rogue Sans and Papyrus) and Frisk wake up from the sounds, they immediately run outside and see pure chaos. There are several corrupted monsters as well, with black details and glowing red eyes. Frisk, Sans, and Papyrus are all forced to escape to Waterfall, the only place unharmed by the event. They soon learn that the creature is a demon who has emerged from Hell on a psychopathic rampage. The demon's name is Spectron, but it is unknown why he is committing genocide. Soon, Frisk and Sans learn that Spectron is helping his master create a demonized army of monsters, which they would later use to turn the entire Earth into a living Hell. They take immediate action, but when they arrive, the Underground they once knew was changed. It was a dark landscape, and everyone was turned into a demon, now sadistic beings, even the kindest monsters were converted to being absolutely evil. The only uninfected ones are Alphys, Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, Grillby, and Undyne. They must stop Spectron before it's too late.

Main Characters

Rogue!Frisk - The only current human in the Underground. She still has a strong determination soul, and is one of the major protagonists.

Rogue!Sans - The passionate older brother of Papyrus. He's not lazy, and very caring. He secretly has a crush on Frisk. He likes maple syrup instead of ketchup. He is also much more serious.

Rogue!Papyrus - The energetic younger brother of Sans. He is similar to Sans, and is a fierce fighter. He makes pizza instead of spaghetti. He's somewhat smarter than the Original Papyrus, and also not as goofy.

Rogue!Alphys - The ex-royal scientist. She left after Sans left, and eventually joined him.

Rogue!Undyne - The ex-captain of the Royal Guard. She now partners with Papyrus, and now actually admires him. She secretly likes him as well.

Spectron - The main antagonist. Spectron is the Absolute Demon of Violence, and comes to the Underground to commit genocide.


  • There are not many differences in this AU from Roguetale, but Frisk is now 17 (as oppose to 12, when Roguetale began), and the main characters' clothing is rather tattered and slightly frayed.
  • Despite it being a continuation of Roguetale, it is a completely different AU. Compared to Roguetale, it is a special event AU.