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"Long ago two races ruled over the skies, humans and monsters. The humans, who were more plentiful, were protected by the monsters, who were by far stronger."

"But it was not to last, thanks to a group of humans named 'The Purge', humans came to fear the monsters, and the Great Air War began! The monsters, not wanting to hurt people they considered allies, retreated, more to protect the humans than anything else. They used magic to create a powerful, never-ending storm. Supposedly, Seven human souls could be used to clear the storm"

"With the monsters gone, The Purge soon enslaved their fellow humans, and for one hundred years they ruled over the humans. Until one day..."

Skytale sorta follows the "Grouptale" formula, since Frisk arrives with Chara and the other humans.

The Sky Children

The sky children are the traditional Souls from undertale, Alive and well. Led by Frisk, they stole one of the Purge's airship and were chased into the Storm by Purge planes. They crashed deep within the monster territory.


Frisk is the leader of the eight children and twin sister to Chara. She has one of the two red souls of Determination. She wears her traditional outfit along with half a old airforce medal given to her by her father (Oh yeah, Frisk is a Girl)


The younger twin of Frisk and the airships navigator. She also wears her traditional outfit, along with a backpack full of maps and charts. she also has the other half of Frisks medal. Often described as a more "intense" version of Frisk by her friends.


Hermes is the soul of Justice and is the only member of the sky children who is not a orphan. His father is a high ranking Purge pilot, something he cannot bring himself to accept. Hermes wears a yellow and white shirt along with Aviator goggles.He was piloting the ship when it crashed and blames himself for is friends being lost.


Phoebe is the soul of perseverance and was the mechanic on the ship. She wears a purple striped shirt and a pair of foggy glasses. The best way I can describe Phoebe personality is "a human Alphys", she's unarguably a child genius, but is unconfident in her abilities.


Sophie is the blue soul of Integrity and...didn't really have a job on the ship. The others only brought her because she is Ludwig's little sister. She wears a dark blue tutu and a blue striped leotard. She is very loyal to her brother, even though she can't stand his egotistical personality


Ludwig is the light blue soul of patience. he wears a light blue vest and has a blue first place ribbon sewed onto it. Ludwig is suprisingly egotistical for someone with his soul trait, and has convinced himself he is the next Bethoveen


Otto is the orange soul of courage. He manned the guns on the airship and is largely the reason they made it as far as they did. He wears a orange sweater, a white cape, and a pair of red gloves.


Mercy is the green soul of kindness. She was the cook on the airship for the three days they kept ahead of the purge and is also good in basic first aid. She wears a pale green dress and a darker green apron.

The Monsters

This describes their positions in the skytale story, not their attire or personality.


After the Children crashed the airship, they were found, still knocked out, by Toriel. Toriel brought them to the "Ruined Airfield" (Skytale equivalent to "The Ruins") and helped them recover from their injuries. Frisk is the first to recover and begins exploring. She comes across a strange flower.


Flowey first acted friendly to Frisk, attempting to trick her into trying to fly a broken plane. When Frisk proves too intelligent to fall for this and Flowey tried to kill her. instead of Toriel saving her, Otto did by Tough-punching Flowey offscreen.


Toriel eventually agrees to let the children leave (note: Asgore hasn't killed any humans in this AU, so Toriel is less protective) and they arrive in Snowdin Airfield (guess what this location is named after). Here is where they first meet Sans. Sans, ulike most of the monsters, is not a pilot. He works as a engineer for the Snowdin Airfield Dogfighters, which is the Skytale equivalent to the K9 unit.


The Sky Children meet Papyrus after they meet Sans. Papyrus originally thought that the Sky Children were invading members of the purge (mostly because of the big Purge symbol on their Airship). he confiscated the air ship and made the sky children compete in several puzzles before realizing they weren't purge members. Since he had already destroyed the Airship, he gave them each one of his spare planes.


After receiving the planes, the eight children seperate, agreeing to meet up again at Snowdin airfield after 3 hours. Unfortunately several of the children have engine troubles and are forced to land. Phoebe lands her plane on the Royal Aerodynamics Research Institute's runway, which is where she meets Alphys. Alphys helps Phoebe repair her plane.


When Otto expirienced engine trouble he ended up crashing at Undyne's house. By which I mean he ended up crash landing at her house and staying there while he fixed his plane. Undyne at first thought he was Saitama, do to his...attire.


Both Ludwig's and Sophie's planes made a emergency landing on the MTT Luxury Airliner, home to Mettaton, (who is a GIRL in this au) and her cousin Napstablook. Much to Ludwig's frustration Mettaton turns Sophie into one of the Outer land's (Anything beyond the storm) biggest music sensations...instead of him. Sophie sorta forgets about her brother this time.


As previously stated, Napstablook lives on the same airliner as Mettaton. They decide to help Ludwig overcome a recent bout of depression, caused by his sister's rise to fame. Napstablook used to be in a similar situation with his cousin, so he thinks he can help Ludwig feel better.


Hermes crashes directly into the royal airship, essentially Asgore's flying castle. Asgore became somewhat of a recluse after his son's death, even leaving his wife. In fact, other than the royal guards and his crew, Hermes is the first person Asgore has seen in 12 years.


Frisk and Chara land in Gerson's airfield. Gerson at first is more annoyed by their presence than anything else, but then he noticed their medals. Gerson recognized the medal as one worn by a human pilot that had been a ally of the monster's during the Great Sky War.

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