Error!Sans destroyed the Basic universe of these Frisk and Chara. However, in their universe, there were some things different to most of the other universes.


-Toriel and Asgore were still together!

- Frisk was adopted by Toriel and Asgore too which means that Chara and Asriel are their siblings

-Chara was still alive

-Chara and Papyrus were close friends

-Frisks best friend was Sans

- not even Frisk or Chara were evil!

-the monsters needed some months to turn into dust, but there was a way to stop this process so they are just skeletons at the end or the skeletons stay the same just without soul

(The way to stop it works also for other universes! But the monsters must drink a special thingy before)

After the universe got destroyed, Chara and Frisk ended up in the Anti Void. Frisk also kept some monster skulls of their universe.

Both can see the different AUs and their timelines, Chara tries to help Ink!Sans by telling him when something strange in the universes happened but Frisk doesn't. Frisk waits for genocide runs our mistakes in the universes - then they go in there and take the monster skulls. Since the universe starts to glitch after the run it makes it a lot easier for Error Sans to destroy the AU!

Frisk+Chara AU


Chara is a bit older than Frisk and tries to protect/fix the AUs with Ink Sans. (They are thinking together how they can fix them)

Frisk gave Chara Asriels skull as birthday present once, but also gave them Papyrus skull as "mask" (see sprite). The only wish of Chara is that Frisk turns back to normal again, but they also miss their Goat Bro. Skull!Chara and Ink!Sans are friends. Chara tries to stop Frisk from collecting Skulls.

Chara wears Papyrus' scarf.


Frisk went insane in the Anti Void and started to collect AU monster skulls. They paint on the skulls. Frisk uses their own universes Sans skull as a "mask" (see sprite) - Frisk wrote "LAZY BONES" on it.

They aren't really "evil" just crazy, or a bit insane and weird.

Their "Mask" isn't just a mask to them, Frisk still talks with Sans' death skull like to a friend sometimes. In their Backpack are the "new" skulls until they bring them into their part of the Anti Void and the colours to paint on the skulls.

Frisk wears Sans' jacket.

Frisk and Chara are still gender-less.

This AU was Created by LittleGlitchyGirl (Youtube)/ PinkNinjaMultifandom (Deviantart)/ LilGlitchyGirl (Tumblr)- SAME FOR THIS PAGE!

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