An AU where Sans and Papyrus have been replaced with Arial and Roman.



Like Papyrus, Roman made his suit of armour for a costume party and doesn’t take it off, claiming it to be his battle armour. Unlike Papyrus, who used red, yellow and he used red, green and silver and unlike Papyrus’ Roman’s scarf is ripped. He seems to be the same in physical appearance but has a crack on his left eye socket. He cares deeply for Arial but seems ready to snap when he makes a pun or slacks off work. He’s much more arrogant than Papyrus, claiming himself to be incredible, even when he’s down or sad or even made a fool of himself.


Unlike Sans, Arial is a goat monster but is still Roman’s brother. Although he still holds the same amount of laziness as Sans he keeps the promise he made to Toriel and actually tries to help Frisk when they’re in troubling instead of just sitting by and watching. Arial lives for Roman but doesn’t seem comfortable with Roman joining the Royal Guard due to the amount of dogs in it, but tries to act supportive. Arial holds the same amount of magic as Sans but has to form fire magic in a pacific way to resemble weapons. Unlike Sans who wears, a blue hoodie, black shorts, and a white shirt, slippers with socks, Arial wears a light purple sleeveless shirt with dark purple stripes and hard to darker purple and blue shorts, he has red eyes with his fur grown over one eye slightly.

Arial and Roman, like Sans and Papyrus, are both named after fonts.

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