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Tape design by me ( Br00d )

Is a easter egg of Hatredtale. For have this,make the PACIFIST Soul Ending 3 times. Play the game again and strangely,Flowey will don't try to kill you but. I will give you a tape and go. Play the tape in the Subjects Lab.

In the tape

When you play the tape. A girl voice talk...the voice of Sister. She will talk about something terrible happen for her.

<< Hi...i'm Sara... >>

<< should not go where i go... >>

<< It's because i'm going to the Underground...for die... >>

<< The army destroy the Underground...because someone talk about... >>

<< That the monsters in here are murderers... >>

( Stop for a moment )

<< It's my fault... >>

( Cry )

<< I make a pact with a demon... >>

<< I make this cause...i-i...wanted to save you of a terrible thing... >>

<< That was...t-the death... >>

<< And i'm become one demon...a Omega Demon. >>

<< And you have all now make the pacts with the demon or you will all...die ! >>

<< But...i'm not powerful...but if i take all the Souls...yes... >>

<< For not become one....i go to the Underground... >>

<< I-i'm sorry...Matt... >>

<< I was liking you... >>

<< I will die in the end of...the months in the...Underground after the >>

( Cry again )

<< Goodbye... >>

And the tape end.

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