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Sister is a Omega Demon from Hatredtale. She a cruel and sadic person who use people like Dolls. This real name is unknown like the ninth human and she is sister.


( First Form ) Human : She a normal human in this first appearance. She have a black dress and brown shoes.

( Second Form ) Demon : She have one eye cover this face. With 4 corns and her dress do not change. She skin become red.

( Final Form ) OMEGA DEMON  : In this final form,she look like Omega Sans and Giygas. She have 8 corns and she just a red blood phantom with a head and 4 skeleton arms.


She have the soul of the GENOCIDE. This soul is more powerful than the DETERMINATION and her soul is a bloody red soul.


When you fight her,in the first encounter. She use Bloody Skull Blaster and a Eye Knives Launcher and after she will use the monsters and humans souls and the monsters and humans souls of others AUs. In the second encounter,you have to fight the "dolls" and save them or kill them. In the final encounter, she will destroy the barrier and she will take every humans souls. You have to stop her before she take all the souls.


This powers are :

- DESTROYER BLASTER : This a bloody skull blaster. That's really powerful that can destroy all your HP and make them go to 1 HP.

- EYE OF HELL : She can launch knives in this eyes. Theses bloody skull knives can destroy all your HP. them !

- DOLL POWER : She can use a soul and make the monster (or human) like doll. And she will use every monsters and humans and from others AUs. For make them kill you.

- SOULS CATCHER : This is really powerful ! She have a souls catcher who catch souls. You have to stop the souls catcher.


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