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Sing alongtale is a AU but it a Sing along Adventure game.


  • Howdy I am Flowey - Sung by Flowey the Flower
  • Napstablook's Song - Sung by Napstablook
  • Heartarch of Love - Sung by Toriel
  • [1] - Sung by Papyrus
  • Mad Dummy of Mad - Sung by the Mad Dummy
  • Welcome to Temmie town - Sung by Temmies
  • Sexy Song of my Own - Sung by Bunny Lady From Snowdin
  • Ultimate Adventure of my history - Sung by Gerson
  • Spear of Justic - Sung by Undyne
  • Alphys is my name - Sung by Alphys
  • Spider Dance phase 1 - Sung by Muffet
  • Spider Dance phase 2 - Sung by Muffet
  • Spider Dance phase 3 - Sung by Muffet
  • Metal Show by me - Sung by Mettaton
  • Death by Glamour part 1 - Sung by Mettaton EX
  • Death by Glamour part 2 - Sung by Mettaton EX
  • Megalovania you'd be burning in hell - Sung by Sans
  • I am Gaster - Sung by W.D. Gaster
  • Asgore - Sung by Asgore
  • Your Best Nightmare will be here - Sung by Omega Flowey
  • Finale - Sung by Frisk, Omega Flowey, and the Human Souls
  • Megalo Strike back I am Chara - sung by Frisk and Chara
  • Hopes and Dreams - Sung by Asriel (God Form)
  • Burn in Despair for you - Sung by Asriel (God-like Monster Form)
  • Save this World - sung by frisk
  • His Theme - Sung by Asriel (Normal form)

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