• Silent human is a song that it was in the undertale au movie 2: blood in hell, and it is a ost. And it's a album song
it was sung by soichiro hoshi and Toru okawaokawa. Lyrics:

Shhh...human it's alright you killed my friends, brother I'm not mad I'm just....YOU WILL FIGHT THE DEMON INSIDE OF US, YOU POSSESSED BY A DEVIL CHILD now's alright it won't hurt maybe alot

underswap sans:But how do I say this? You are evil or possessed by the devil himself? Because look at you bloody, eyes are black and that's not the human I know. I want my old human back and now...You will go to burn in...

Underfell papyrus: hell..

Both of them:

Sometimes you will get hurt by monsters!! You're trying to be a Angel to everyone! And you find out you're the monster and killer! So....shh silent human die.

You gonna burn in hell and you're drown in a fire pit, and you lost everything..



Why did you kill my friends, my brother and the goat lady? You're not having fun... YOURE COLOR SHIRT IS GREEN AND ITS POSSESSED.

Prepare to die, say you're finally word a tear come out of your eyes and you dropped the knife on the floor and...a sorry come out of your mouth...

But your...still dead human burn in hell.

Silent human.

it will be no mercy...for you.

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