Shyren is a car-like monster that encounters in Hotland. Along with Undyne and Somebody that has the role of Tsunderplane (maybe), they are all mechanical monsters.

Storyshift Car Friend


Normally, she appears to be a normal small, green machine. She has a black line on eyelids and a blush.


She is a bit shy and active, also friendly but with her tires being harmful, it was Asgore's fault by giving her the really hot. She likes singing and Music, Sport, Dropping by in Undyne's Resort and Whistling.

In Battle

Attacks Edit

  • Loud Music - Watch out for the music notes, sometimes, they are green but not heal you.
  • Wheel Counter - Stars come out from her wheel, the player must need to avoid the stars, some stars become green as well but heals you 5HP.

Quotes Edit

  • What's up, mannnn? [Neutral]
  • Be careful. My tires can be harmful to you, kid! [Touch]
  • *Beep* [Neutral]
  • Be.... CAREFUL!!! [Before attack]
  • It's my looooooooooove..... [Sing]
  • *Whistle* [Sing]
  • Yay..... Driving time, baby! [Ask]
  • Hmmm.... What do you mean about my tires? I told you they're harming! [Ask]
  • Oi! No touchy my tires! [Touch Again]
  • Humph! [Ask]
  • Oh well... [Ask]
  • Eh? [Neutral]
  • I......... Don't understand.... [Joke]
  • Are you kidding me!?!? Is this a joke!?!? [Joke]
  • Then, did they win? [Joke]
  • Sounds....... AMAZING!! [Joke or Pun]
  • I get it, y'know. [Pun]
  • (I wanna go home now......!) [Distract]
  • Did you just...... [Hurt]
  • (Raspy Whistle) [Upon being killded]

Strategy Edit

  • Jazz can be spared once you use the "Distract" ACT.

Flavour Text Edit

  • The small car bumps on you accidentally [Encounter]
  • Smells like new cars [Neutral]
  • Better be careful, her tires can hurt you. [Check]
  • Oops! I mean - ! [Encounter]
  • Cross the road, please. [Check]
  • You asked the car to drive with your determination. [Ask]
  • But she is unsure... [Ask]
  • You tell a joke but she dosen't get it! [Joke]
  • You tell a joke about Lamborghini and Ferrari's racing togheter [Joke]
  • You tell a joke about cars crossing and people passing by. [Joke]
  • You tell a joke about a car accident and then everyone die [Joke]
  • Like..... I guess... [Pun]
  • Oh Gosh.... [Joke]
  • Omigosh [Joke]
  • What an accident! She needs to go to the mechanic! [Low HP]


  • Shyren is based on a Toyota Prius.
  • If killed, you'll skip Undyne's Battle Completely.

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