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What is Shurikentale?

Shurikentale is an AU where everybody is a ninja. Epic right? Well if you don't like ninjas no worries because it's more than Sans running around with a katana like a madman. It all began when a war sparked between monsters and humans, like in most AUs the humans won and the monsters were sealed underground with a powerful barrier that required 7 humans souls to destroy.

Main/Minor Changes

- Toriel tries to kill you when you attempt to exit the Ruins.

- Because Flowey has no hands he creates weapons out of his friendliness pellets

- Sans will kill you straight after you kill Papyrus, even if you're not doing Genocide

- Sans never makes a promise to Toriel because she doesn't care if Frisk dies or not and also there is no promise in the first place

- Papyrus doesn't hesitate to kill you

- Flowey fights Chara/Frisk in Genocide and absorbs the human souls like in Pacifist and Neutral

- Papyrus and Sans both fight you in Genocide at the same time

- Most monsters attack Frisk using their feet and fists, not just magic

- There was a war between monsters when they were sealed underground, causing the underground to split up into four clans

- There is a Ruins clan, Snowdin clan, Waterfall clan and a joined Hotland and CORE clan

- Once the 7th soul is gathered, there will be yet another war to determine which group of monsters will get to rule the surface

- Each clan has two leaders, the leaders of the Ruins clan are Toriel and Napstablook, they killed off the spiders in the Ruins so that the spiders could not contact Muffet and give her private Information, the leaders of Snowdin are Papyrus, Sans, the leaders of Waterfall are Undyne and Mad Dummy and finally the leaders of the CORE and Hotland are Mettaton and Muffet.

- All clans have their own special ability. The Ruins clan can increase the length of their attacks. The Snowdin clan are extra fast and can dodge attacks twice, Sans can dodge 47 times because he is the fastest monster in the underground. The Waterfall clan are great swimmers and have an advantage underwater. The CORE and Hotland clan can reduce the damage taken by 5 and fire attacks like Toriel's deal no damage because they are used to the heat.

- Sans rarely uses magic unless it's necessary

- Papyrus originally never wanted to hurt anyone however Sans forced him and keeps saying it's for the greater good

- The Royal Guards betrayed Undyne and all of them are now in the Snowdin clan

- The war was caused because of Asgore, he said whoever wins will get the first human soul

- Because Asgore guards the human souls he can absorb them, that is why everybody is afraid of him

- Asgore is described insane by many people

- Grillby's only has chinese and japanese food

- There is no royal scientist because in this AU Alphys refused to have that title and give an unfair advantage to Hotland and the CORE

- W.D Gaster was the Royal Scientist before the war. Knowing that he would have to fight the people he loved and his sons because of the underground splitting up he committed suicide by jumping into his own creation

- Everybody hates Asgore and there have been many attempts to murder him, they all failed

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