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"quote: you know how you put me into this Hell or limbo i don't care anymore so time to fucked Kid i will make your last breath QUICK!"

In this AU is a genocide route its a endless cycle and sans keeps on

remembering it all he sees papyrus die over and over again but hes to much of a shock to do anything.



hes the same as UT sans but his eyes are like when you slash him and his bad-time eye glows more often his blue jacket is more dirty and torn up and brown stains (dried blood) on his slippers.


he cant say or think of puns anymore and the mods (ink,error, creator) say he has lost his sanity and hope a long time ago and people think he gone mad saying the endless loop theory he made and when hes in judgement hall or near the place were his brother died he gets a quick shock of fear. and would kill any human in sight even if there nice.

Powers and Abilities

he has the normal power as UT sans but they are more quick and do a little more and he shakes more and very often so he could stand there and you could kill him but if hes not in total fear he will dodge a second before they attack which makes it harder for the human to kill them, he was so tired off Chara's shit when he lost control he ripped there soul out an destroyed it in a matter of seconds.


Frisk/Chara/any other human= he will kill on sight he has no promise so he will kill them were they stand

Undyne: he only says to Undyne prepare and protects others before the human gets to waterfall and evacuate right now every time the world resets.

Toriel: he forgot all about her when he was sitting at the door drinking ketchup trying to clam down she made a knock knock joke and he opened the door and put her Hp to 1 and never talked to her again.

Papyrus: he tries to help and whens hes done talking to sans he says this "remember a birds feather sticks together" and refuses to eat his spaghetti slowly starving him.

Grillby: he burnt down the place when he lost it and never seen him ever since.

Alphys: she is trying to help sans by talking about his theory and how he was broken all sans says is "determination that is the you wouldn't believe me" or "STOP HELPING ME ALPHYS".

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