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"c-chara b-best fr-i-end p-lea-se p-lea-se no-NO"
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Flowey is more scared since chara hates Asriel which means she hates Flowey.



the same as old flowey but keeping the Asriel face.


he keeps the fear of Asriel so hes scared Alot he still is mean but hard to say since he knows something bad will happen to him.


he still talks to papyrus as normal and flowey warns him but papyrus saying "THERES GOT TO BE GOOD EVEN THOUGH THERE A FREAK THEY MUST STILL BE GOOD SORRY FLOWERY". Toriel oh boy he is scared of her he normal avoids her one point she said to kill Chara but he was to scared and she said "YOU TRASH BAG YOUR SUCH WIMP" that made him kill chara once. napstablook his is therapist he just lies with napstablook talking and feeling like trash.Chara's hatred.

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