Shitpostundertale is an AU where the Underground is full of memes.


The very unfortunate human who fell into the Memerground.
Flower form of Asriel Memeurr. Is evil and demonic.
Caretaker of the ruins and protecter of the fallen memechildren. Rides a unicycle everywhere.
The ghost who doesn't understand memes and ignored by everyone because of his misuse of memes.
A normie who wishes to be part of r/dankmemes.
Rage-Comic Sans
Harambyrus' brother. Acts like a normie but is dank as all hell.
The creator and main moderator of r/dankmemes.
A struggling OC memer. Wears a fedora everywhere. Created Robbie Rottaton.
Robbie Rottaton
Is number one. Created by Alphoria and is the Memerground's favourite meme.
The Amalgamemes
Unholy abominations of multiple memes combining into one. A few examples are En-doge-ny, Reapfield Birb and Meme-oryhead.
Creator of 4chan and king of the Memerground.
Asriel Memeurr
Son of Datboi-riel and Spazzgore and is the Absolute God of Hypermemes. Can shoot Skittles rainbow beams out of hands.

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