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ShipTale is an Self-Insert AU, based around ships. It was created By Kkcantgetright7, Bone apetit and Corly. It's an AU where ships are canon. (Ex: Kk is Sans, and Bone is Toriel, Kkone, right? Soriel is canon here.) Make sure the character given is connected to a character. [Mostly the main characters.] You can make the character connected to the other characters. [Like Chara is connected to Asriel instead of Frisk.]


Note: If you don't make a page or a sprite (If you don't know how to make a sprite, that's fine. But if you lie, we will always tell.), your role will be removed from the list. Don't complain if your role is removed.

  • Frisk: ChibiLadyLover (Notshipped)
  • Chara: MickRunner (Can be shipped or not)
  • Flowey: JuicyLovesMC (Notshipped)
  • Toriel: Bone Apetit (Shipped with Kk)
  • Sans: Kkcantgetright7 (Shipped with Bone)
  • Papyrus: Faxs The Skeleton (Shipped with Furryfox)
  • Undyne: UndertaleTrash3 (Shipped with Corly)
  • Alphys: Corly (Shipped with Trash)
  • Mettaton: Furryfox84 (Shipped with Faxs)
  • Asgore: SVS Shadow (Formerly shipped with bone, Notshipped.)
  • Asriel: Midnight the Undertale Lover (Can be shipped or not)
  • Napstablook: Untaken
  • Mad Dummy: Createsans (Notshipped)
  • Jerry: Untaken
  • Temmies: FDlleo (Notshipped)
  • Annoying Dog: Jamie (Notshipped)
  • W. D. Gaster: Fusionx963 (Notshipped)
  • Burgerpants: DerpyBlueberrySans (Shipped with Luca)
  • Nicecream Guy: lucariotheskeleton (Shipped with Luca)
  • Gerson: AskGus (Notshipped)

Ask in the comments below for a role, but if you want to keep that role, then you need to make a sprite and a page. If you don't know how to make a sprite, that's fine, just make the page.

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