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Shipswap is a switch-up AU by PetStarPlanet.


Long ago, two races ruled over the world - humans and monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races. In the end, humans were victorious. They trapped the monsters in a part of the ocean and the area was sealed by the 7 greatest human sorcerers. Ships that enter the area are said to never return.

The royal family originally lived on a ship simply called the Ship (Muffet was never good with names and Sans was too lazy to ever suggest anything) but since it was damaged in the war, Muffet hired some of the inhabitants to build a new ship. It was eventually finished and Muffet named it the New Ship.

Years later, Chara ended up in the area and was adopted by the royal family - Muffet, Sans and Saffet. Chara and Saffet became best friends. However, Chara died and Saffet took them back to the humans' land. The humans attacked Saffet so she escaped and sailed back to the New Ship where she collapsed on some flowers and turned to dust. Muffet got angry and decided to kill all humans that entered the area. Sans disagreed and the two got divorced. Sans left and went back to Ship, which he now called Ruined Ship because of its condition. However, he was too lazy to actually repair it.



In this AU, characters are swapped in the following way.

  • All characters from pairings that PetStarPlanet ships are swapped.
    • Alphys and Undyne are swapped.
    • Sans and Toriel are swapped.
    • Muffet and Asgore are swapped.
    • Napstablook and Shyren are swapped.
    • Dogamy and Dogaressa are swapped.
    • RG01 and RG02 are swapped.
  • Papyrus and Mettaton are swapped.
  • Grillby and the River Person are swapped.
  • Gaster and Gerson are swapped.
  • Nice Cream Guy and Burgerpants are swapped.
  • Frisk and Chara are unchanged.
  • Flowey is genderbend but has the same personality and appearance.
  • Monster Kid is a blue fish-like monster in order to make them resemble Undyne more than Alphys.
  • Asriel has been replaced with Saffet, who is a girl and the daughter of Muffet and Sans. She has the same personality as Asriel from Undertale.
  • All the dog royal guards except Dogamy and Dogaressa along with the Annoying Dog are swapped with Temmies.
    • Doggo is swapped with Bob.
  • Snowdrake's parents are genderbend. Snowdrake's mother in this AU is the same as Snowdrake's father in Undertale but with a different gender while Snowdrake's father is a criminal.
  • Most enemies are unchanged but Tsunderplane has been changed to Tsunderboat.


In addition, all the locations are changed to be ocean themed.

  • The Ruins are now called the Ruined Ship, a ship that has suffered badly in battles against humans.
  • Snowdin is now called Winter Island, an island where there is always snowy.
  • Waterfall is now called Underwater Passageway, an underwater area that allows monsters (and humans) to move from Winter Island to Volcano Island without boats.
  • Hotland is now called Volcano Island, an island with a huge volcano and lots of lava.
  • New Home is now called the New Ship, the ship used by the Queen of the Ocean, Muffet herself.
  • True Lab is now called True Prison, which shows the terrible fate of the Royal Guard's prisoners.


The roles of the Royal Scientist and Royal Guard are also swapped, which leads to the following changes.

  • Undyne is still the Royal Guard while Alphys is the head of the Royal Scientists.
  • RG01 and RG02 are now called RS01 and RS02 and wear lab coats instead of armors.
  • The True Lab is now the True Prison where Undyne keeps the prisoners that she captured.
  • The Amalgamates are now called prisoners and instead of being weird fusions, they are badly beaten up criminals.
  • Flowey is still the same, but was created when Undyne attempted to make a monster as the prison guard.
  • Mettaton wants to be a Royal Scientist but is rejected because his scientific "traps" aren't very good (since Frisk was able to easily pass).
  • Papyrus is working for the Royal Guard but his main goal is popularity instead of actually capturing criminals.
  • Monster Kid is interested in science.


  • Frisk is the main protagonist. They are excactly the same as in Undertale.
  • Flowey is an evil flower who pretends to be good but is actually evil.
  • Sans is the captain of the Ruined Ship. He is lazy and has never bothered to actually fix the ship. He is the ex-husband of Queen Muffet (not King, since he was the one who married into royalty).
  • Shyren is a shy fish monster who usually hangs out in the ocean but occasionally visits the Ruined Ship.
  • Toriel is an ally of the Royal Scientists who lives with her friend Mettaton. She is kind and caring and won't attack Frisk unless they kill everyone.
  • Mettaton is a ghost given a robot body by Alphys. He tries to show off his science skills by constantly experimenting on Frisk. However, he isn't officially considered a Royal Scientist, because, according to Alphys, he is not that good at scientific experiments.
  • The Winter Unit is a part of the Royal Scientists who work on Winter Island.
    • Bob is the first scientist that Frisk encounters. Despite being a Temmie, he doesn't vibrate in his battle and doesn't speak in broken English.
    • Dogaressa and Dogamy are the only non-Temmie members of the Winter Unit. They are a couple.
    • Lesser Tem is a Temmie who likes to be pet. Every time Frisk pets her, her face moves away from her head until it's completely out of sight. She is the only member of the Winter Unit whose encounter can be avoided.
    • Greater Tem is a Temmie, who, like Lesser Tem, likes to be pet. However, her face doesn't move away from her body.
  • The Annoying Tem appears multiple times in the game.
  • Burgerpants is a monster who sells burgers in multiple locations.
  • The River Person owns a boat renting service on Winter Island. Their location serves food. It is a place where Toriel and the Winter Unit like to eat.
  • Monster Kid is a fish-like monster who Frisk first meets on Winter Island and later multiple times in Underwater Passageway. They are a big fan of Alphys and they are interested in science.
  • Grillby is a fire monster who lives on Campsite Island (a small island that can be entered in Underwater Passageway). He uses a small ship to move between that island and the two major islands. He can take Frisk from one island to another.
  • Dogs are a species that live underwater in Dog Village. Most of them simply call themselves Dog, except one, who is called Doggo and has a different appearance.
  • Napstablook is a ghost who is encountered in Underwater Passageway. When he is first met, he hides behind a speaker, hiding his true appearance. He had a brother who got captured by the Royal Guard.
  • Gaster is the former leader of the Royal Scientists. He is currently selling stuff in Underwater Passageway. He speaks in the font Aster.
  • Alphys is the leader of the Royal Scientists. She is nervous but will still do everything she can to stop Frisk. In the genocide route, she injects herself with determination and becomes Alphys Alpha.
  • Undyne is the Royal Guard whose job is to fight and capture criminals. She is known to like anime, especially if it contains giant weaons. She has a dark past, as she previously used extreme punishments on criminals. She has feelings for Alphys.
  • Papyrus is the most famous celebrity of the Ocean who really enjoys his popularity. He is working for Undyne and tries to capture Frisk multiple times on TV, thinking that it will increase his popularity even more. He also owns a resort with a restaurant.
  • Tsunderboat is a normal enemy encountered on Volcano Island. Not only does it deny its feelings, but it also refuses to go on water.
  • RS02 & RS01 are two scientists who are encountered on Volcano Island.
  • Asgore is a monster who runs a Tea Sale with incredibly expensive prices. He believes that humans are evil but Frisk can prove him wrong during his encounter.
  • Nice Cream Guy is a rabbit who sells Nice Cream along with other foods in Papyrus' resort.
  • Muffet is the Queen of the Ocean who owns her own ship.
  • Saffet is the daughter of Sans and Muffet, which makes her half-spider and half-skeleton. She has the same personality as Asriel from Undertale.
  • Chara is the first human to enter the Ocean. They act exactly like in Undertale.
  • Gerson was the Royal Guard before Undyne. He went missing in action after a battle. He had at least three loyal followers.

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