Determination has several ships!

The ships are odd to making sense.

Please, note: Toriel and Asgore get back together, even though Sans likes Toriel.


Friskid is the ship of Monster Kid and Frisk.

I think it became a ship because of AskFriskAndCompany.

Why is it a ship in the AU?

Its a ship because I ship Charsriel, and, NOT FRANS!

Frans' dumb (no offense to anyone who ships it).

I used to ship Charisk, until I discovered Friskid.

Child Name?

Their child's name would be Frisk K..

Frisk Ka is how you say it.

The K's short for Katie.


Torgore is the ship of Toriel and Asgore.

Its a ship because...

Toriel and Asgore are divorced.

Why is it a ship in the AU?


In the prologue of the second book, since Asgore found out Asriel was saved in Chapter 10 of book 1,

Toriel and Asgore got remarried.

Child Name?



Asgore's bad at names, and, Toriel likes Puns.


Papyton is the ship of Papyrus and Mettaton.

Its a ship because... ???

IDK, why, lol.

Why is it a ship in the AU?

Its a ship because, Papyrus, hoping to cheer Sans up, went on Mettaton's show.

He didn't realize, but Mettaton was flirting with him.

Than, the ship began!!!

Child Name?

It'd be Papyblook.

The Blook part because its Mettaton's last name, and, the Papy part because...



Charsriel is the ship of Chara and Asriel.

Its a ship because, well...

Chara and Asriel are cute together???


Why is it a ship in the AU?

Its because on Chara's 7th birthday, Asriel told them he liked them.

Chara than kissed Asriel.

Child Name?

Charsriel, Charey, or, Chargore.


Temey is the ship of Temmie and Flowey.

I don't know if that is the ship name, though.

Its a ship because...


Why is it a ship in the AU?

I have an AU called Swappedtale.

In it, Flowey is replaced by a Tem Flower named Flowi.

Oh, yeah.

And, Underswap.

Child Name?

Temmy, Flowi or Temmie the Flower.

Flowey's bad at names.


  • Soriel was canon, but, not now
  • The Human SOULs have ships aswell

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