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ShiftShift is an AU where the Storyshift characters, are shifted! (I know, it's confusing.) Check StoryShift for more information about the roles!


  • Asriel = Toriel (Asriel takes the role of Toriel)
  • Mettaton = Sans (Mettaton takes the role of Sans)
  • Napstablook = Papyrus (Napstablook takes the role of Papyrus)
  • Papyrus = Undyne (Papyrus takes the role of Undyne)
  • Sans = Alphys (Sans takes the role of Alphys)
  • Toriel = Mettaton (Toriel takes the role of Mettaton)
  • Asgore = Napstablook (Asgore takes the role of Napstablook)
  • Chara = Asgore (Chara takes the role of Asgore)
  • Alphys = Flowey / Asriel (Alphys takes the role of Flowey / Asriel)
  • Undyne = Chara (Undyne takes the role of Chara)

That was a brief explanation of the roles of Shiftshift.

Theme Names

Asriel's Themes: You've Fallen... , Losing Hope

Mettaton's Themes: Here Comes the Star! , We Need to Talk... Darling , VANITY , MTT Brand Battle Song

Napstablook's Themes: ......ha. + Not Feeling Up to It Right Now, Sorry.

Papyrus's Themes: Nyeh heh heh! , A Perilous Battle with the Great Papyrus!

Sans's Theme: lab.

Toriel's Themes: Greetings, Child. , A Sense of Heartburn, The Gatekeeper

Asgore's theme: Asgore's Fight.

Chara's Themes: The First to Fall + The Monarch

Alphys's Themes: Hey! , Fragmented Truths , Lying for Their Own Good , Year of the Dragon, Saving the Galaxy

Undyne's Themes: A Fable Told Long Ago...

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