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Shalela is the 8th and most powerful of the seven wizards that made the barrier and wants to kill Asgore


she is quiet and hides in the shadows. she is not social and will do anything to kill the king Asgore . she is silently depressed and will refuse most help that is offered to her thinking that they might turn on her or empathize for her and she will kill any ( mostly monsters though ) that try's to get in her way .


Shalela was born a wizard and when she was 20 the war between humans and monsters started one day when she was running to her house a monster caught her she tried to fight back but it was to strong its face covered with shadow nearly impelled her but her parents came the told her to run and not look back so she did then she got to her house looked outside the window and saw his face with the light of the fires that was burning the village it was Asgore she never saw her parents again . now she looks for asgore hoping to kill him someday.after humans won the war she offered to seal them under ground but they refused saying you do not have the right kind of powers .


she wears a purple robe like the river persons and shows one of her two hands which is pale and long fingernails


  • laser. the laser she shoots from her hands and dose 1 damage a second
  • telekinesis. this magic is connected to her soul so if she uses it to much or carry's to much wight it will hurt her lowering her hp 1 a second ( the max wight is 120lb and the most she can use it is 3 times a day )
  • teleportation . she can do it 2 times an hour (takes half an hour to load )
  • swords. realistic looking swords she can make with a snap of her fingers ( she can make 20 at most ) 30 damage


  • not social
  • depressed
  • some times has no control over her actions
  • will abuse her power


Asgore : want to kill him with all her might

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