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ShEpTaLe!!  is an AU where most of the main characters are replaced with Pink Sheep , Purple Shep , and ExplodingTNT characters. Most of the story of Undertale does not change, but the backstory changes slightly. This AU was created by me, OmegaNave.


Frisk - Frisk (doesn't change)

Flowey - Homie Javier

Toriel - Crystal Sheep

Napstablook - Mad Napstablook (maybe)

Sans - Failboat

Papyrus - ExplodingTNT

Undyne - Homie Dolphin

Mad Dummy - MadDER Dummy (maybe) (name might change)

Alphys - Ducky

Mettaton - Homie Panda / ZephPlayz

Asgore - Pink Sheep

Asriel - Purple Shep

Chara - Wife

Story Changes

Other than the characters changing, the only part of the story that changes (so far) is that after the monsters were sealed underground, Pink Sheep fell into the Underground. He then did a full genocide, and took it over. So Alphys and the NPCs are still alive, somewhere (probably the True Lab).

Character Art

Videos/Music (All will change)

ShEpTaLe!! - TnTrousle01:00

ShEpTaLe!! - TnTrousle

ShEpTaLe!! - Schafe im Berg PINK SHEEP03:04

ShEpTaLe!! - Schafe im Berg PINK SHEEP

ShEpTaLe!! - Mad Ghost Fight01:46

ShEpTaLe!! - Mad Ghost Fight

ShEpTaLe!! - Your Best Shep00:26

ShEpTaLe!! - Your Best Shep

That's all for now!

If there's some information I've forgotten to include here, let me know! And if you know anyone that could help me with some music for this AU, again, let me know!

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