"why worship sanzy, a weak, helpless pile of bones, when you could be admiring a stronger person instead?"
Serif (or Serif!Fresh) is the alter ego/personality of Sanzy Fresh from the alternate canon ARG account @under.fresh (also explained here, on the wiki) on Instagram.

His canon does not follow Crayon Queen's canon.

@Under.Fresh AU Canon Summary

Sanzy was put through mental and physical tortures in an attempt to cause him to break. Radster amputated his feet and replaced them with heely prosthetics to bend him to his will. He ripped out several of his ribs to bring him to his knees.

He was weakened, battered, and hurt, but still stood against the laboratory. He'd befriended a human girl who had invited the lab for an interview at the radio station she worked at. Sanzy, being both the punching bag and the mascot of the laboratory, was sent. He confided in her his secrets and struggles, and she urged him to fight back even more,

The sessions worsened.

Radpyrus hated Sanzy for his disobedience, eventually being put in charge of Sanzy's refreshment sessions.

And that pushed him over the edge.

It was all too much for his poor little brain. Watching his brother, what had become of his brother, torturing him, laughing at his weakness and hurt, edging him closer to death, and still being unable to bring himself to hurt him. He just couldn't do it.

But someone else could.

He subconsciously created another personality for himself, Serif, someone to bring havoc and chaos to a world that had crushed his soul mercilessly. He laid dormant for months inside of Sanzy's mind until an argument broke out with Radpyrus, and Sanzy let loose.


His outfit looks like any other timeline's Sanzy Fresh, although he is lacking "YOLO" glasses and any soul in his eyesockets. However, he has deep cuts in the shape of a smile in the sides of his jaw/mouth, dripping bone marrow. His eyes are also surrounded by a sickly purple hue, looking bruised.


An appearance in which Serif does, in fact, possess pointed teeth.

He is sometimes seen either scratched blind or with pointed teeth, though some debate the canonicity of these appearances.


Serif is nearly always filled with a demented joy and driven by his lust for the pain of others, and he feels as if he is the only one who can bring that pain. He teases and mocks the fears of his prey while bringing them harm, playing with their emotions and giving them false senses of security at times. However, being formed from Sanzy's repressed emotions of self loathing and hatred for the world, he has internal weaknesses. If he's deemed pathetic or insignificant by anyone, he flies into a wild fit of rage, leaving himself prone to attack. He displays small signs of a need for care by others, though he denies it any time he's asked.

An odd quirk about him is the fact that he has an affinity for the taste of bone marrow, and is considered a cannibal due to the fact that bone marrow comes from skeletons. He consumes it in order to have a higher calcium intake and strengthen his own bones, under the delusion that if they're strong enough, the lab cannot hurt him again. Alongside that is his electrophobia- his fear of electric shock. Shock therapy was not something that the laboratory shied away from, and used very often in times when Sanzy was thrown into solitary confinement as punishment. The cell door was often electrified, causing him severe shocks and searing, agonized pain when he would attempt to pound his fists against it to call for help. This fear (though not as extreme as Sanzy's fear of saws) carried through to Serif.

His mannerisms while speaking are also unnerving, as he occasionally giggles in the middle of attempting to speak, which is completely involuntary. He also seems to lack the ability to frown, the corners of his mouth only having the ability to tip downwards when he's unhappy. He scratches at his face when he feels negatively, occasionally scratching open the thin bone of his face and causing it to bleed marrow. He often does this knowingly and with intent in order to release the substance, as he feels much better after eating it.


  • Tendrils: Serif sports multicolored tentacles usually hidden under his clothing that drip acid, able to bubble and burn flesh with a mere touch.
  • Tongues: His tongues and saliva share the same attributes, dissolving through muscle and skin easily.
  • Teleportation: Serif is able to teleport, disappearing and reappearing in flashes of lavender-colored mist.
  • Timelines: Serif can see into alternate timelines.
  • Possession: He is able to take over the bodies of others. However, his body is left completely vulnerable in this state, going limp and causing his HP to lower drastically. He does not use this ability often, as it is hard to pull off, and risky.

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