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Sensetale is a Role-Swap AU where the shifts don't make sense without context.

Comic parts

  1. Skullking Around.

Character Changes

Main Characters

  • The Protagonist/Player Character Role is taken by Undyne.
  • The Empty One Role is taken by Sans.
  • The Caretaker Role is taken by Muffet.
  • The Recluse Role is taken by Asgore.
  • The Judge Role is taken by Flowey.
  • The Ambitious Role is taken by Chara.
  • The Captain of the Guard Role is taken by Frisk.
  • The Royal Scientist Role is taken by Mad Dummy.
  • The Celebrity Role is taken by Toriel.
  • The Monarch Role is taken by Grillby.
  • The Soulless Angel Role is taken by Gaster.
  • The Fallen Role is taken by Papyrus.

Minor Characters

  • The Inactive Role is taken by Monster Kid.
  • The Idoliser Role is taken by the Ruins Dummy.
  • The Restaurant Owner Role is taken by Mettaton.
  • The Enraged Role is taken by Alphys.
  • The Outrageous Vender Role is taken by Napstablook.
  • The Forgotten Scientist Role Asriel.
  • The Accidental God Role Temmie.


  • Laville
  • Waterfreeze
  • Pina Colanda
  • New Home - New Home


  • Sensetale got it's name from when it was a joke AU as the AU that doesn't make sense. As it became a real AU Dimentio kept the name as he didn't want to have (synonym for shift) in it's name.


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