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SecretTale is an AU of the role-playing video game Undertale. Why this name? Gaster and his followers brought Chara back to life with a secret machine at [REDACTED]. Also the style of this AU is highly influenced by ones of the first RPG cool games: Secret Of Mana

About the AU

In this AU, Chara was brought back to life by gaster and his followers. The genocide route don't exist, because the neutral and the pacifist routes became routes full of fear and violence due to Chara. Characters of this AU have the same roles as in undertale. All the royal guard keeps an eye on major places of the underground like snowdin, MTT resort or New Home to protect people against him.


-Character's overworld and battle sprites are more detailed.

-The overworld textures are more detailed too, more shades and other visual effects.


-You will not enter a fight randomly in an area like in Pokemon anymore, monsters are already there through all the area and move around randomly, when meeting a monster the game will not act as usual like enter a fight. To spare a monster, just don't attack it and keep going, you can use weapons in the overworld, if you hit a monster with a knife for example, he will counter-attack you. Also you can still use Z near them to talk.

-Undertale classic fight GUI will only be displayed if you fight a boss or mini-boss type monster, so to say it clearly, you can't use act, fight, item or mercy with a simple monster like Froggit since you fight it in the "overworld" room and not in "fight" room of the game.

-When possible, monsters have a more realistic appearance. But will not be the case for main characters.

-The scenario changed, a section of bad intentioned peoples made of Gaster and his followers brought Chara back to life! And they want to kill every monster in the underground, in this AU, the genocide route don't exist since Chara is present in the neutral and the pacifist routes. All your journey consists of saving monsters from Chara, some monsters will also hate you, due to the fact that you really look like Chara.

More details about the plot


Flowey aka Asriel already see Chara wandering around the underground and try to escape him, or if he can, hide himself from him. He worries a lot about Toriel and Asgore. Sans tried to stop him, but when you arrive at snowdin you found him wounded (not lethally hopefully). Chara is a boss, you have to fight against him three times during the neutral route: At snowdin in front of Grillby's because he planned to kill everybody which are actually eating/drinking at grillby's. The second time at Alphy's lab, he want to force her to enhance his/her own body with determination. And finally at the throne room, he decides after that his/her two failed previous plans to make a regicide, to kill Asgore. So Flowey, will not kill him. Then, a fight against Chara begins. No choices, you have to kill Chara. The destruction of Chara's soul create an intense shock wave which will destroy the barrier.


As neutral, with one last fight, Chara will try to kill Flowey after he absorbed all the monsters souls, chara's one is not absorbed, his/her soul is an human's one. Then the true final battle begin, the player and Asriel against chara. If you win, you can decide to stole the soul of Chara, purify her and give it to Asriel or just destroy it definitely. After that, Alphys arrive and destroy the barrier.