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EDIT 2: This is NOT a moderator profile, and is simply an AU.

The official design for Scriptwriter Papyrus.

Scriptwriter is the manager of code in AUs. He can alter things so they run correctly and fix bugs. His power is not completely altering, however, as he cannot delete or add large objects (anything larger than the human is impossible) . The strongest thing he can do is raise HP or LV without repercussions. He is also the occasional cleanup crew after multiverse character battles are had (He does not enjoy that part.). he uses portals to travel but is terrible at landing on his feet, instead face-planting 80% of the time.

He goes by the name "Script", or "Writer" when in conversation, and is very social. He is essentially just Papyrus, but with knowledge of the AUs. Hoewever, he does not dislike puns, and actually finds them rather funny. Script will also occasionally let his mouth run, and leak information about the routes or events in a timeline. if he sees a character in an au that is in dire need, he will not hesitate to jump in and rescue them. if this is not the case, he will just hide nearby and wait for them to leave.

as a child however (momma cq), he was much less polite, and more of a rascal. his personality then is inclined towards doing annoying things such as:

  • using magic to levitate himself away while magnificentgalaxycandy tries to catch him.
  • messing around with code to make floors sticky and moving objects to block paths.
  • hiding in various unreachable places.

however, when meeting new people he would clam up and be silent. only after a while would he begin to open up to them.

Scriptwriter wears a white dress shirt, a navy blue waistcoat with four gold buttons and a brown coat with two large pockets. Like the original Papyrus, he has red gloves, boots and scarf, with the differences being gold curling patterns on the boots and the gloves being much thinner. His scarf is also thin, and is tucked into his waistcoat. He has a dark brown belt with a bronze buckle and deep blue denim jeans.

Scriptwriter wields a burnt orange and gold fountain/cartridge pen, which he uses to replace and write out code. to edit code he must be in the au where the code is broken. when he does this, it appears as a green box outline with a dark 'screen being drawn by him mid-air. code appears as green for objects, lighter green for out-code characters, and dark green for characters from the au he is in at the moment. He does not rush through his work, and takes it slow so he does not make any mistakes, which could potentially break an AU. There is a high likelyhood this he has broken an AU in this way before, however and if so, he regrets it deeply. when he finishes he simply waves the 'screen' out of existence again. he also has a scrapbook, which he puts photographs in of the characters he meets and the au's he has visited.

au visited photo/s annotation
underfell script holding the camera, blurry fell sans in the background it's not very friendly here! bring healing items next time...
outertale script's hand pointing to the stars. a very pretty place! no wonder error comes here!!
underswap script posing with blue, blurry papyrus in the background. second photo is blurry, but appears to be swap pap tackling the camera. third of all three posing happily. swap is a nice place, but papyrus here is a bit overprotective...
aftertale photo of geno from a distance. ...he probably shouldn't see me.
undynetale script seemingly screaming and running from undyrus. BAD IDEA, COME IN DISGUISE!!
error/inktale no photo, but a reserved space. ...i'm not ready to talk yet.
underfresh no photo. fresh is to be avoided AT ALL COSTS.

...until he gets reformed.

horrortale aliza posing happily with script. red eye in the forest shadows behind them. i liked the human, and didn't stick around long... it felt like i was being watched.
temmietale blurred image of something vibrating the camera. script running after it. that damn temmie wouldn't stop running with my camera!
gaster group photo of swap, fell, tale, outer and blindy posing in a huge group. fell wasn't so nice, but the rest were! blindy mentioned a kin person or something.
asylumtale close up of asy's face, script and a blurry figure behind him. the rest is completely clear. asy is really nice! his brother tried to get in the photo, but it didn't work. on the plus side, i got a freindship bandaid!
storyshift ss!papyrus laughing with script. shift was really kind! and he knew so many jokes too! he even made pie!
trickstervirus a photo of the tricksters from afar. shadow behind camera. another of script with cherry, looking uncomfortable. cherry was nice, but i don't wanna meet sugarberry! NO INFECTION FOR ME, NOPE!
undertale frisk, sans and script hanging out at a guard station. classic is really funny, and frisk is kind too! this is probably the safest place ever.

This AU belongs to Tumblr user magificentcandygalaxy.


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