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Science swap is an AU created by Beanmastergeneral. This AU is a swapped version of Sciencetale. Papyrus is swapped with Sans, Sans is swapped with Papyrus, etc. The story is pretty much the same as Sciencetale.

Main story

Long ago, two races ruled the Earth, Humans and Monsters. Both lived in peace, sharing their technological advances with each other, improving each others' lives. One day the humans were so scared of the monster's growing power...

They sealed them in the Underground with a gravitational field.

Legends say, that sounds of machinery and life spark from the mountain.

And those few who venture to the field, never return.

Science swap takes place ten years after these events. The monsters refined the rocky caverns and lakes into a booming research facility. They are focused on breaking the field and inventing new technology to make a path of their way to dominate the surface for its bountiful resources.

In this AU, however, Chara has freed monsterkind and destroyed the reset button, after she saw the effect the resets had on Papyrus and Sans.

Main Characters

Sans: Wears a green bandanna, glasses and green welding gloves. Hyperactive, he is known for yelling out "ANARCHY!" at random moments and has a crush on Chara. Aura: Green.

Papyrus: Wears glasses, a lab coat and an orange turtleneck. Laid back, big brother figure to Chara, loves puns. Protective of Sans and Chara. Aura: Orange.

Chara: Female in this AU. 14 years old. Wears a lab coat over a green hoodie, a red heart necklace and glasses. Likes to wear hair up in a ponytail. Sweet, kind and helpful, sees the good in all monsters and humans. Sans's best friend. Empathetic, has anxiety, loves puns. Knows about the Alternate realities. Suspected to be involved in multiple other AUs. Soul: Kindness.

Alphys: Wears a grey tank top under a ripped lab coat. Owns a research facility with her fiance Undyne. Good friend to Chara.

Undyne: Blue turtleneck under a lab coat. Still completely obsessed with anime, co-president to the Alpyne research facility. Second best friend to Chara.

Gaster: Wears a light yellow turtleneck under a lab coat. Still around as a father figure to Sans, Papyrus, and Chara. Continues his research. Happy and excitable. Aura: Orange and Green.

Temmie: Wears lab coat over striped sweater. Lays around Sans's and Papyrus's house. Grumbles to Chara about how unfair of her it was to destroy the reset button.

Frisk: A ghost. Wears the usual striped sweater, flower in their hair. Has become protective of Chara.

Toriel: Wears a lab coat over a mumu. Owns a small botany research lab. Mother figure to Chara.

Asgore: Wears a purple turtleneck. Principle and founder of "Asgore's School For Science". Other father figure to Chara.

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