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Sapira Real Life Tale is a sequel fangame to Undertale's neutral route.

Notable Changes

General Changes

  • Earth is flat.
  • Sans has Crippling depression
  • Asgore die
  • Frisk die
  • The Author of that AU looks like Gaster from that AU
  • Snail that you can see on Infobox , in Genocide Can kill you = ) , if you will Find Her Weakness in Pacifist Route ,you will Kill her in one Punch .

Character Changes

  • Alphys and Sans returned Gaster to life .
  • Monster Kid has robotic hands.
  • Grillby And Muffet work together.
  • Alphys and Sans returned Asriel and Chara to life.
  • Toriel has robotic hands because of an incident.
  • Chara is a girl.
  • Mettaton is out of order.
  • Alphys can resurrect SOULs.
  • Altertale and Storyshift AU's , can contact with that AU When ink will made a mistake .
  • Undyne Has the Power of DETERMINATION Forever
  • Frisk ....... is a Boy
  • Frisk isn't a Player


When Frisk fought Asgore, something went wrong with Frisk's Determination. Asgore killed her, Asgore doesn't destroy the Barrier after taking the 7 SOULs, He's just gone.

in 202X, a girl names Saphira falls into the Underworld filled with monsters.

The protagonist starts off their adventure in the Ruins and soon meets Asriel and Chara Playing Football, They were happy to see a new Human. They decided to help us, Chara and Asriel teaches Saphira how to solve puzzles and resolve conflicts in the Underground. After Meeting Toriel you decide to exit ruins, After a boss fight with Toriel, she allows Saphira to exit the Ruins.




This is just a little snail Who hates to lose in Races !. in the GENOCIDE ENDING -- you can kill them and you will earn 100 gold and 100 LV

neutral ending -- you will be a best friends!

pacifist ending -- you will be a best friends!

This Snail from AU names Saphira Real Life Tale .


You can Fight with the enemy only if you in genocide route.

When you kill all Napstablook's Snail's , after meeting Flowey and try to hit him , you will miss that hit , And you can see new Royal Guard , But is that normal? , That Snail Can Talk , and when you Fight her , you cant in ACT Folder , You Can Find acting names TALK ,


When that Snail Lose on his last Race , he Became Very Angry .

Powers and Abilities 

Powers - 1) he has a Flame attack ( - 30 HP ) In genocide route , in neutral route ( -12 HP ) , in pacifist route ( -7 HP )

Powers - 2)

Powers - 3)

Powers - 4)

Powers - 5)

Abilities - 1) he is like a sans can Touch player's SOUL and Grab it .

Abilities - 2) Snail can summon 'Gaster Blasters' .

Abilities - 3) He can also summon Sticks to attack the player's SOUL as they navigate the battle menu.

Abilities - 4)

Abilities - 5)

Asriel --



Saphira --

Bunny --

Napstablook --

Asgore? --

Frisk? --

Sans --