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"*i can't bare to see others hurt by my hands..."

-Sanzter of Underrise


Noted to be friendly at first but aggressive when threatened, Sanzter is one to watch out for. Around new monsters, he's friendly and eager to make more friends and create more bonds, whether monster or human. He's fair and understanding of others, especially to those who've suffered. He can see the hurt inside others and feels sympathy even if they've committed horrible crimes, after all, he did crimes himself. But when monsters get on his bad side, Sanzter is aggressive and unpredictable. He can snap from being humorous and positive, to dark and bitter. Sanzter is rather protective of his past and would rather not talk about it, having bad amnesia and suffers from PTSD. Make him mad and you're guaranteed for a bad time.


Sanzter wears a jacket/sweater with floof around the collar, very similar to Ganz of GZtale. What's most distinctive about him is his light blue eye markings; his left side drooping down farther than the right and curling more, and his red and orange necklace gem. Light blue stripes lace the wrists of his jacket and the bottom rim, his shorts are basically like Original Sans' but have a light blue stripe following the single white stripe. He wears a dark bluish-green t-shirt that says FULL OF LOVE with Level Of Violence written below (I'll update the drawing later), and wears fingerless gloves. Sanzter wears shoes sorta like Nike shoes (literally based it off of my Nike shoes XD), with light blue X's on the top and flap of the shoes, the two letters "UR" can be seen along the heel. Sanzter has a scar cutting through his bone just below his left eye from UR!Papyrus, not to mention underneath all of his upper clothing, lay scars from previous training with UR!Undyne. The end tips of his spine are longer and shaper than normal and his feet are clawed due to Gaster's strange experiments on him. There's also darker colored V shapes along his jacket that come to the front of his jacket but stop once reaching his back and has sharp white, fanged teeth unlike Original Sans.


When Sanzter's mad, his eye markings glow and his white eye lights turn to a sharp light blue pupil-like shape. But when he's really mad, his necklace gem will glow alongside his eyes and eye markings. This rarely occurs, but Sanzter will sometimes use his orange magic, causing his right eye light to become an orange color. Otherwise, it'll turn red with his eye markings with his Nightmare Catcher inside him, Malevolent, takes over.


White/Blue Bones: Used as a first warning move

Gaster Blasters: Used as a backup if his bones fail

Magic: Used to restrict movement as he uses his bones and Gaster Blasters

Physical: Used as a last resort, even though he doesn't do much damage, when his magic level it low, he'll use physical strength to keep fighting back


Malevolent-Alternate self inside him

???-She is the mother/creator of Sanzter

Gaster-Assumed father to Sanzter and Papyrus, later enemy

Papyrus-Assumed young brother to Sanzter, later enemy

Ink!Sans-Fatherly figure

Zanx-Younger blood brother

Particle-Youngest blood brother

Doodle!Sans-Love, husband (?)


Starlit-Adopted son

Emily-Close friends since Sanzter saved her life

Dr. Faith-Motherly figure

King Asgore-Fatherly figure

Toriel-Close friend since they were both little kids

Flowey-Close friends since he was saved from loneliness

Storm-Close friends since Sanzter defended him from Undyne

Undyne-Huge threat, enemy


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IMG 1608
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