Workin myself down to the trombone

Sans, for the most outside his Universe prefer called Jazz or Jazzy, is the younger brother of Jazztales Skelebros and the owner of the Bar of all Sanses.


Jazzy is a bit smaller than a Classic Sans and is most of the time wearing a bartender outfit - comparable to Classic!Grillbys clothing - and a pair of glaces.


Jazz lost his father very early in his life - he was about 1 or 2 years old when that happened. Since than his older brother has been taken care of him, although the rest of Jazzvale also gave their best to support the brothers.

By the age of 17 he startet to study medicine in a nearby town. Though since Papyrus was the only one of them earning money through several smaller jobs and overworked more and more Jazzy eventually opened the Bar of all Sanses, although it wasn't planned as a multidimensional Bar and not with that name actually.

The Building was a heirloom of his father who had been a very talented Bartender himself.


  • As a Bartender he gained quite good skills in Accounting and Organizing and off course leading a Bar.
  • As most of the Sanses he is able to summon Bones and a Gasterblaster during a fight. He prefers Firemagic or a fist fight since occationally he feels a bit....welp....sheepish about his Blasters form.
  • You know what they say: the customer is king, but the bartender is above god in his own bar.
  • He is quite good with playing Trombone.

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