Sans is the ruthless ruler of the Underground and the major antagonist of the Storyfell universe.He is said to be very rarely lazy than he was before when he sees you he wants you kill you with out a peep.

with everyone wanting to kill him he stays in the castle and his home and legends say if you go in his castle you never Return.



Before the two children died he was known as the 2nd Nicest monster, but then he changed and became evil he killed many people to show how we wanted the underground to be. he used to like papyrus then he doesn't even care for him at all hes the one who banished him.


Sans in storyfell has a grey crown a scar on his left eye a black cloak with fur on top and silver chest-plate, he wears old torn red slippers.


Sans has menacing bones and his gravitational power and his glaster blasters are even harder to dodge then before.


same as storyshift but says a fewer less things and doesn't give you time before you can start the battle

Text: birds are hawking, flowers are dying, you feel like hes going to have a GREAT TIME

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