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This Page is for information on the version of Sans, within the AU of Xenotale

The version of Sans remains about the same, having the same powers and such

Was at the barrier when the xenomorphs jumped down but knows something is wrong


Sans stays as the Judge role, despite this AU happening after the true pacifist route, waiting to judge any other humans who fall


just goes by Sans, or Comic Sans


Dunkle, Smiley Trashbag, Sansy


Papyrus - Papyrus is Sans brother, sans will protect him until the end of time

Toriel - love interest, like to practice jokes on her and prank her, promised her to protect Frisk

Asgore - friends with the king of monsters, they talk over tea sometimes

Frisk - friends with Frisk, promised to protect them

Flowey - enemy, hates him and knows he is asriel

Gaster - sans is one of Gaster's two sons, and wishes to bring him back

Alphys - friend, have worked together in the past, now tend to watch anime together

Undyne - friend, will help her train Papyrus sometimes, when he's not being lazy

Mettaton - Friend?, only tolerates him as papyrus likes him

Chara - Hated enemy, sans despises Chara, who in a previous timeline, corrupted by flowey tried and succeeded in killing him

The xenomorphs - Nemesis, hates all of them, though has a grudge against the snowdin xenomorph after it tried to kill Papyrus, it doesn't try that anymore

The human souls - friends, gets along with them and they help him sometimes (check Quotev for information on them) his favorite out of the six is the soul of Justice

Nightmare - hates him, unable to actually kill him

Affiliation - affiliates himself as a sentry in several locations and the judge over the actions of all humans (surviving that is) and monsters

Alignment - has pure good intentions to help save humanity and monster kind from the xenomorphs, flowey, and nightmare

Themes - song that might play when you fight Sans, its raining somewhere else, Megalovania

Weapons - Bones, easter Blasters

Abilities - Soul Manipulation, Teleportation, Mastery of bone attacks, Karmic Retribution, Judging, Dodging

Appearances - appears throughout the underground helping Frisk and any other human if one falls

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