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Sans is the main character of the WishTale AU, the older brother of Papyrus, the father of Frisk, and takes on a more father-like appearance. He can also recall all the saves and resets like many other Sans'.


Sans is more mature and spends a lot of time either searching for his brother or caring for Frisk. Many people come to him for comfort or just for someone to talk to. But when you're on his bad side, you better already have a death wish because that's basically what's going to happen. Other than that, he insisted easygoing, caring, and fun to be around. Due to his sleepless nights, he tired most of the time but tries not to show it because he wants to be the strong, reliable dad/friend everyone sees him as. He usually drinks large amounts of coffee to keep himself awake and focused on his work. He spends a lot of time in Alphys' lab withas her and Science!Sans trying to figure out a way to get Papyrus back. He also has a major fig newton problem, eating as many as three packs a day.


It was a typical day in Snowdin, Sans was just waking Frisk from their nap. He picks them up and heads toward the kitchen where he sees Papyrus frantically searching the fridge and cabinets. Sans asks what the problem is and Papyrus tells him that they are out of spaghetti. Sans can't help but laugh even as he is given a hard glare. Papyrus then tells him that he is going out to buy more and Sans' laughing halts immediately. When asked what's wrong, he tells Papyrus not to go, that something doesn't feel right today. And Sans knows exactly why he feels this is the day Chara will arrive. He always stops his brother from going on these days but of course, it doesn't work every time(like this time). Papyrus just rolls his eyes and walks out down the street without another word. He doesn't want to leave Frisk alone but he doesn't want Papyrus to get dusted...again. He makes a quick stop to Grillby's and begs him to watch Frisk, Grillby of course agrees, asking Sans what the rush was. Sans doesn't explain because there wouldn't be a point and just tells his friend that he needs to go somewhere. Rating past several buildings, he sees it. Chara and Papyrus are face to face, that evil smile making the whole thing more frightening. He runs as fast as he can and calls out his brother's name, he refuses to let Chara win this time. Papyrus hears him and turns his head around only to be put in a headlock by the evil child. Sans stops in his tracks, only a few feet away from the two. He can't use his magic because he knows Chara will dust him before the attack gets to her. She smiles.

"I'm getting rather bored of our little game." She says. "Why don't we spice things up a little?" She swings her blade, not at Papyrus but behind her and creates a tear. Only darkness can be seen inside as she starts shoving Papyrus inside, ignoring his cries for mercy. Sans goes to attack but she only slices her blade into his rib causing him to scream in pain. She finally pushes him the rest of the way inside and it closes. Sans demands to know what she did and she replies,

"It's fun seeing you break down whenever you recall each of his deaths but what happens when you won't have him at all? Like I said, I wanted to put a little twist on our game. The question is, can you figure this puzzle out?""

Chara has not been seen since, nor has Papyrus. Sans refuses to sleep until he's figured out a way to find his brother. She said one more thing before he killed her "He's closer than you think." He's teamed up with Science!Sans in order to bring his, Sci's, and Alphys' brains together and solve the unsolvable.


Sans wears a dark blue and green robe, blue night pants that are tucked into brown shoes, and a plain white t-shirt under the robe. He also wears his brothers scarf that he picked up the day Papyrus was taken from him. He has dark green eye lights and when it's glowing, it gains an orange variation to it. He as long has very dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep.


He's caring towards friends and family and is determined to put a smile on their faces, even on the days that seem harder than the rest. He absolutely adores Frisk and Papyrus, making sure their well fed and healthy. Although he's more mature and acts a father-like figure, he like to play around in the snow with friends. Sometime he throws parties just to be around loved ones. He's also very cuddly and hardworking, opting to cuddle with Sci a lot when Frisk can't. He shows this when he is constantly holding Frisk while working the lab. When he works, he puts is brain on overdrive and gets down to business. Sci worries about him and tells him to take it easy sometimes but is usually ignored. He can have a temper on some days but Sci, Frisk and Alphys is always tPhere to calm him down.

Powers and Abilities

He's actually pretty powerful but doesn't like to show his true power since it's a waste of much needed energy. His basic moves are his Gaster Blaster that glow the same color as his eye, mostly orange though, and his spine whip. He can summon a whips that looks exactly like a really long spine with pointed vertebra that can stun his enemy when hit. He mostly uses the whip since the Gaster RBlaster takes more energy.


  • Frisk: She is Sans' adopted daughter. They fell to the Underground breaking their arm and leg in the process. Sans found eventually found them and took them home with him where the two grew very close until one day Frisk just started calling him dad.
  • Papyrus: Papyrus is his number one and he always looks after him, especially after all the times he's seen him die. He always tries to keep him happy, buying him boxes upon boxes of spaghetti and new traps/puzzles.
  • Alphys: Him and Alphys are bffs and they tell each other everything. Alphys lets Sans just talk about his feelings and even gives him good advice. She see,s to know how to make him feel better. Alphys comes over with Undyne and Mettaton every weekend to watch anime or just hang out. She gets along with frisk and shows them her complaining collection(often giving Frisk some)
  • Science!Sans: He and Sci are also bffs. Sans constantly thanks Sci for helping him and Sci just tells him that Sans would do the same for him. Sans loves to cuddle him Sci, and Sci lovers to too. They find each other blushing when their faces get too close and wanting to be beside each other all the time. Sans is sort of jealous of Sci's crush on Underfell Sans but doesn't like to show it.


  • Asgore and Toriel are still together and they are still king and queen.
  • Asriel is still alive but he's in a coma ever since Chara betrayed their family.
  • Flowey is not around since Asriel is still alive.
  • Frisk sells some of Sans' cookies at Grillby's (yes, Sans likes baking cookies)

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