"heya, im thenitroflamer. call me tnf"
– TNF to Wikiatale Frisk

TheNitroFlamer (TNF for short) is a main character Wikiaswap. He takes the role of Sans, swapping roles with Wikiatale Sans (Natilie system).


TNF is a human with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He always seen wearing a red hoodie, a light grey t-shirt, black pants and mid grey sneakers. He is almost always seen smoking a cigar.


TNF is very laid back, often taking things not that seriously. He is also very lazy, often taking breaks fro his work. Despite his laid back attitude, he can be eerily serious at times and when he wants, he can get things done, but overall he is pretty laid back.

Abilities and Weaknesses


TNF's abilities are very similar to classic UT Sans, however each attack has been redesigned from classic Sans. TNF can teleport anywhere in the underground, use the wide variety of bone attacks Sans can with the bones being replaced with fire, and he can manifest Gaster Blasters with each blaster being based on sprites made by IRL TNF. He also can manipulate a SOUL by turning it into blue and can throw the SOUL at will. His biggest power is his karmic retribution. This power allows him to use the sins of his enemy and use it to remove the SOULs temporary post-hit invincibility and give the SOUL a poison-like state once being hit. That, combined with the hard to dodge attacks and his tenancy to dodge any attack thrown at him makes him significantly strong in battle, especially considering his overall stats.


Flamer very powerful, but due to his laziness he can wear out easy during combat, leaving him open for attack. He is also very weak, with only 1 HP and 1 DF, meaning if he ever was hit hard enough, he would most likely die.


  • This is one of two versions of Self-insert Flamer who takes the role of Sans, the other one being UserTale TNF.

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